The Red Summer Archive (below) is a collection of primary sources related to the Red Summer of 1919.  The collection includes documents I acquired from over 20 different collections across the country. While this is not an exhaustive collection on the topic, it does contain over 700 documents including newspaper articles, photographs, comics, reports, letters, telegrams and other items that represent a variety of perspectives.

How to Use the Archive: After you enter the archive and it has loaded, alter the ‘filter’, and then ‘filter options’ selections to narrow down the documents. You can search by riot city, type of document (i.e. photographs, correspondences), and other categories. The ‘riot and document themes’ filter allows you to narrow down by causes, like labor disputes, but also themes among the documents like articles that pit North vs. South, or that mention religion. Clicking on any light blue card will bring you to a larger image and a information about that source for researchers who want to cite it. All items in the archive were printed before 1923 and thus are part of the public domain and free for use.